Our Web Design Process

Phase 1: Planning

First of all, we gain an understanding of the client's wants and needs for the project, so we can design it right the first time.

What happens in this phase?

1. We send the client our website planning form (we would like this to be filled out and sent back in a timely fashion, so we can begin designing as soon as possible.)

2. We estimate the cost and time frame of the project.

3. We meet with the client, either in person or over the phone to discuss project details (agree on the cost, decide color scheme, set time estimate for completing the project, etc.)

This stage should take about 1 to 2 weeks, but that depends on the speed in which the form is filled out by the client and the availability to schedule a meeting.


Phase 2: Gathering Content

Now that we have agreed on a price for the project and have an idea of what the client wants, we need the content made available to us before we begin constructing the website. It is the client's responsibility to send us the information they want on their site in a timely manner. We cannot begin designing a layout before knowing what content needs to be displayed.


What happens in this phase?

1. We will work with the client to help decide what content is important to display on their site. They will have already filled out the planning form, so they can refer to the “content to consider” section of that form.


2. They will then share the content with us. This phase should take about 1 to 2 weeks, but again that depends on the client's timeliness in getting the content to us.



Phase 3: Designing

This is the production stage where our designers will construct the layout for the site, apply the color scheme and place all of the content.


What happens in this phase?

1. Our design team creates the site based on the information gathered from the planning form and plans made while meeting with the client.


2. We will then publish a preview link and present the site to the client for approval.


This phase should take approximately 1 week depending on the amount of content and the complexity of the site.



Phase 4: Client Approval

To ensure our client's satisfaction, we want their approval before publishing their new site. If there is anything on the web page that needs tweaking, we will accommodate the client and make the appropriate changes. There are, however, a few stipulations. The client will not be able to add additional pages to the site at this time without invoking an additional cost. Also, if the client wishes to add additional content that was not previously made available to us in the content gathering stage we may have to charge them to compensate for the additional design hours that were not figured into the original cost estimate. We will change the colors, fonts, wording, and some positioning of images within reason. If the changes are numerous we may have to adjust the price accordingly.


What happens in this phase?

1. We present a preview of the site to the client.


2. The client reviews the site and informs us of any changes they would like, if any.


3. If the client desires changes we will make them and send a new preview when they are complete.


4. When the client is satisfied with the website we will continue to the publishing phase.


This phase should take about 1 week, but may take longer depending on the changes required.



Phase 5: Publishing

Once the site is approved we will go ahead and publish the site and the project will be complete. There are maintenance packages available to ensure that your business is being well presented online.


We will publish the site promptly after the clients approval.